Carl Sagan Letterpress Cards in the Shop

I recently found a little dipper printing block, and I took that inspiration as a cue to make some Carl Sagan cards! First up is one of my favorite Carl Sagan quotes “We are made of star-stuff.” This card is appropriate for many occasions (or just because), and is perfect for your favorite philosopher, scientist, thoughtful friend or anyone who appreciates the mysteries of the universe. Check it out in the Paleta Press Etsy shop.


The second card is a bit more romantic, with the Carl Sagan quote, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” This would be a great card for a wedding (I have used it for several weddings), anniversary, a loved-one’s birthday or just because! Check it out in the Paleta Press Etsy shop.


There are 3 paper options for both of these cards – plain white, pearlescent ivory (perfect for a wedding) and charcoal, all with metallic gold ink. My personal favorite is the charcoal. Both cards are available in limited quantities in the Paleta Press Etsy shop.CardColors


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