Welcome to Paleta Press, a little global print shop and graphic design studio, located in Chicago, IL (currently) and Cleveland, Ohio. I print using 100% wood and metal hand-set type and vintage images. My designs are influenced by my travels, ephemera, pop culture and the type and design inspiration I find along the way. I have a longstanding interest in graphic design and have a background in researching the history of technology, so the world of letterpress seemed like a natural choice. Paleta Press was born in the summer of 2013 when I happened upon my first press in an antique bookstore that was going out of business in rural Wisconsin. I started selling my cards on Etsy in 2016. Subsequently, I trained in letterpress at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago and Zygote Press in Cleveland.

Along with letterpress printing, I have a background working with brand identities and logos, especially for non-profits. Contact me at paletapress @ gmail if you would like to discuss custom work including cards, personal stationery, posters and invitations.


Printing Process
I operate two antique presses from home (A Baltimore platen press and a Line-O-Scribe sign press) and create designs with vintage printers blocks and type. I also print at Spudnik Press in Chicago and Zygote Press in Cleveland on Chandler and Price platen presses. My grandfather trained as a typesetter in the 1930s and I hope to carry on the tradition – with a twist. I also incorporate screen printing into some of my designs. All type is set by hand using vintage wood and metal typefaces. I hope you enjoy these pieces of history!


I am inspired by my travels and the things I see when I am out and about including art deco neon signs, typography from old advertisements, architecture, hand-painted grocery store signs, azulejos, record covers and vintage ephemera.


PaletacircleWhat is a Paleta?
A paleta is a Mexican popsicle – and also the word for an artist’s palette in Spanish and Portuguese. Growing up in Chicago, paletas were a sign of summertime, and I hope these designs incorporate that sense of fun and nostalgia.

p.s. My favorite paleta flavor is lime.