A Trio of Italian Cards

As of this week, I am now an Italian citizen, so I thought I would feature some of the newer Italian-language letterpress cards in the Paleta Press Etsy Shop.


Buon compleanno! Happy birthday (in Italian). This letterpress card is perfect for your favorite Italian-speaker, global citizen or world traveler. We also love the art deco vibes of this vintage metal typeface. Buy this card here.grazie

There is nothing better than sending a thank you card to someone to express your appreciation! “Grazie Mille” means’ thank you very much’ in Italian, and is perfect for the Italophile or world traveler in your life. Buy this card here.


In the US they say “break a leg” to wish performers good luck, in Italy it is “In bocca al lupo!” It literally means, “into the mouth of the wolf!” This is the perfect card for your favorite performer, or anyone you would like to wish good luck. Buy this card here.